Anyone know anything about Aria guitars? I called my local music store and this guy kept blabbering on about how good this one he had was. I'm still on the fence as I've never heard of the brand before.
Walters Music store? lol
-mhm i went to this guitar store ^ and they had aria's there, they talked about them saying they are really good, and all this but i played a few and i didnt like them ...
ive only heard of them in this 1 particular guitar store ... if its not to far, go check them out
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I know a thing or two about them. They are beginner guitars but they do the job. My freind started off with one and never had any problems and now that he's much better on the guitar he has changed the bridge around, gave it the "Frankenstrat" paint job and is getting new pickups for it.
They're worth what you pay for them but they aren't amazing. I haven't tried one with a Floyd-Rose though.
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