I've started learning theory and ledger lines are kind of confusing me what sequence do they go in when they are on and off the lines? And how did you manage learning the fretboard?
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umm well i dont understand the ledger lines question. but there simple to figure out. and you manage learning the fretboard by knowing your open string then counting up fret by fret (open E, first fret F, second fret F#, third fret G.. etc)
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and why do the notes repeat 3 times is it the octave the higher it is?
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The ledger lines are basically like normal lines, but music staffs would just be more annoying with all those lines. Like one ledger line above(in treble clef) would be an A, the next would be a C, and so on and so on. Between the first two would be a B. Normal stuff.

The fretboard I learned by learning the intervals. As in 7th fret is a fifth, 5 is a fourth, 6th is a tritone, 3rd is minor third and so on. Eventually you memorize them when you think of that interval relative to the open string.

And I don't get your repeating three times thing.
Ledger lines are a pain, it often takes me a while to work out what note they are.

To learn the fret board, I just used the dots. Learn what notes are on the dots of every string and then itll be piss easy counting a couple up or down to find out the ones in between.

Admittedly I havent learnt the fretboard that well, but I found this method to be very useful when I had just started.
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just count
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