This really is Jason Becker's. I think it only has a few hours left, so I hope a lot of people see this.
Basically it is Jason Becker's, it's still in JB's hands, and if you win the auction you meet JB. It's all true.
I would love to bid and win this but I do n't have the money, and I live in Australia.

Anyway, No Jokes. Check it out, BID. The man needs it. And he's an inspiration to all.
They sold off a lot of his gear on ebay, including his Marshall and Carvin heads.

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Yeah, I think this is the last of the auctions for now, I'm not sure. Theres a movie being made about him, I hope UG review and put up news about it!
I read about him a few years ago and thought" Damn Why all the good ones"? To be that good at that age and get hit by ALS that sucks!!!!!
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hate to be a ****, but "NO EBAY LINKS"

Either remove it or this thread is gonna get closed!

Anyway, it sold for 7000, wow... Imagine just going to meet him like.. The legend himself!