I thought this was very well done with the static and everything. After I listened to it I had to open up Windows Media Player to see if you were covering it or if you just uploaded it for some reason.
Great! Very well played!

Yeah you should turn your guitar up a bit, and your singing was nice! It could have been Kurt Cobain singing it live which is good in this case but I recommend you not to try to copy Kurt but sing it in 'your' way. And I can't sing for crap myself but try to use your belly muscles when you sing and not through your nose, you know what I'm trying to say?
Oh and put a little less distortion on your guitar and turn up the mids a bit, that way it won't sound as a blur of sound (which it was just a tiny little bit now).

Other than that, perfect.
thanks, yeah I cant sing for my life. This might be the only song ever written that I can sing decently lol.