Hey dudes. I was wondering if anyone can explain, or knows of a web page that can explain some stuff about using music theory to create certain moods or atmospheres. Obviously, i need something more in-depth than "major sounds happy, minor sounds sad."

I need info on using stuff like cadences, intervals, certain keys for certain things, modulation, etc.. to create tension and dynamics, and i want to be able to do it with less guesswork than i do right now.

i could go for anything from a well-formatted essay/article to a lesson, to a straight-up chart.

thanks in advance
Wikipedia has fairly good stuff on all of those. UG too, has good articles on all of those. Have you searched?
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I've been studying music theory for a while and I know pretty much about it. I'll help you if you want me to.

What exactly do you want to know?
i can tell you this much; the time sig. and the modes you commonly use are what will give your song its feelin.
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Well, for an unexpected change in mood, I think the deceptive cadence works pretty well.

If you are familiar with cadences, the authentic cadence is V-I or V-i. Instead, for the deceptive cadence, you go V-vi in major, or V-VI in minor. You get the opposite type of chord you expect.

That's something to try out, but I think what you might find interesting is this article: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=377401 I enjoyed reading it when it was posted.
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