Hello guys,I am back from a ban,but while I was banned,I found that if I used these strings instead of the normal E string, A string, D string and G string,that if I used and A string instead of that E I would get a nicer sound.And with the D and the G if I just used to G's,it made all my chords sound cleaner.So string it like this from now on.

String it like this:

but keep tuning it normally,plus for all you primus fans,Les Claypool has been doing this for a long time.

does anyone else do this?
hey guy!
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so you mean like, get AAGG strings (as in normal gauge AAGG), but tune them to EADG? sounds interresting. but are you sure that the string gauge wouldn't affect the life span of the strings? cos i dont want to have to be restringing more than 1nce a month, which i what i do with fodera diamonds.
me you

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Well yeah, because the strng gauge is lighter, so less of a bassy tone on the E, A and D strings..

Personally, i like my bass to sound like a bass and chords for me are played on the higher registers anyway..

Take some sounds samples!
^ Ditto, I don't like having a bass that sounds like a guitar down an octave.

To me fatter strings are the best, I currently use a set of .055 - .110's and I like that, but the G string is still a bit thin for my liking, maybe a .060 would be nice. But I have always played heavy guages. Maybe I should try flatwounds...
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it doesnt sound any differantly. A little more tone,and clearer notes.And as for string life,I havn't noticed a differance.
hey guy!
i feel that that wouldn't work for me because i play slap most of the time and i play really hard so i'd be going through alot of strings
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