Hi folks, I've been playing the guitar and taking lessons for a total of 3 weeks. As of now, my largest obstacle to overcome a left hand accuracy problem. I can't seem to get the feel of the fretboard if i'm not looking at it. Whenever I look away, i can play fine for a few notes, but then i always lose my hand position.

For example, as i do the basic scale (sorry i don't know if there's a special name) G A B C D E F G, i can hit the C (2nd string 1st fret) but when i try for the D (2nd string 3rd fret) I often miss, either going too far, or too short, or my finger accidently hits the 1st or 3rd string.

the same goes for songs, tabs, etc. generally shifting strings without looking is giving me some trouble. my left hand seems so uncoordinated.

I imagine this is a common problem. Any ideas?
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just takes a lot of practice... just keep at it. i had the same problem a long time ago, and i still have to look at the fretboard frequently, but even if i dont i do pretty well. like i said, just keep practicing and youll get it..
actually, you dont need to "look away" while, i agree, just keep on training and just practice practice practice! you'll get better
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yea, i'm hoping it's just a muscle memory thing that'll all fall into place one day. i hope i don't have STUPID FINGERS
Nah everyone goes through that. Just practice your ass off and you'll be fine. If you don't have one...may I suggest you buy a metronome and work on some patterns and scales. That'll beef up you left and right hand.
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Nah everyone goes through that.

definitely. and also like warhorse said, get a metronome or a drum machine (drum machine is my personaly preference)... and practice a lot. itll come in time!
I've been playing for 6 months maybe more now and I still can't play without looking at the fretboard. Well, I can but I'd have to sit extremely still, even then I'd just lose the accuracy after a few seconds, I'd have to look back again after a few seconds lol. It's amazing how bands playing at a concert can jump around/mash and still play.
Strictly speaking you don't have a n accuracy problem, you just want to play faster than you can at the moment. Don't get hung up on speed, just concentrate on playing things accurately and cleanly at a speed you can manage, you'll get faster naturally. The worst thing you can do is settle for playing something wrong, but quickly - it's the kind of habit that sticks in your playing early on and is hard to shake off.

Even if it takes you 20 seconds to finger each note...if that's how slow you have you go to play something properly then that's just how fast you are currently. It doesn't mean you won't get faster, you WILL, but you have to walk before you can run. Development doesn't happen overnight, you've only been playing 3 weeks...if you stick with it and pay a decent amount of attention to the instrument (just playing and practicing regularly, you don't need to lock yourself away for 8 hours at a time!)it'll still be months before you can play things without looking at the fretboard, change chords instantly etc...that's just how it is.
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