ever sound like they could be from the 50s?

LIke are there any, where you put it on clean but it breaks up a little bit (Doesnt have to be very loud) so it kind of sounds like an amp from the 50s? like chuck berryish?
wrong forum i think... but i guess you're looking for small tube amps? epi valve junior maybe?
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^^uh, then i guess they won't sound that great...
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like the 10watt ones? my friend has one it has a nice sound to it. chuck berry-ish
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I was thinking of getting one to mess about with, so i can like walk around and play, or like play around town. But a fair few people are saying its a waste of money.....Why is that exactly?
It's orange and has got 1 watt!

Gotta love that!

I expect it will sound like when you're sat next to someone on a bus and they've got there headphones turned up really loud.
But for £30 it doesn't matter if it sounds pants coz it wil be funy as fcuk standing in town busking with it. Also I can say I own a genuine orange amp
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a fair few people are saying its a waste of money.....Why is that exactly?

ok, first i got a marshall ms2 which was quiet as hell and the tone was so bad i just played unplugged instead.

i sold that then bought a marshall ms4 which cant even distort.

Both sounded tinny and crap.

However, i have heard great things about the roland micro cube (it's a bit bigger though, and a dam lot more money)
They're not that bad, if you can't be bothered to bring your main amp in a room to learn something. I have the little Marshall one, the sound isn't great but it looks cool.
Micro cube is a great little amp. Beats the living spit out of the Marshall MS2. It is only 2 watts but it puts out some good sound and has effects. Although it is about $150 canadian. So not in your price range. For your price range your better off to just keep on saving and get a decent amp rather than wasting what you have.