I've kinda weened myself off doing this but I'd scan magazines and websites for days on end just looking at new guitars even though the one I have right now is EXCELLENT and it's just that I don't know how to play. You know, always want different styles, colors, things like that..

Are you satisfied with your's?
Yes. However im getting an esp mh-400 :P. I am going to put the guitar i have now into drop c
i have my goal guitars, a fender strat, a irish falcon (forgot the maker but bono plays one) soundwise my choices prolly arent much different but yeah, id like to have something i pull out and impress people before i even play it
yeah, but no matter how many guitar you have, u always want more

Well, thats what i'm like anyway
Gooby Pls.
Im happy with my guitars for now.. its the amp i need to shop for.. but thats a lot harder, at least for me.
I want a PRS Custom 24 in Emerald Green...sexy...I have a PRS SE Custom at the moment and I'm satisfied with it at the moment but I will move on in a few years...
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im pretty happy with my guitar, just needs a bit of sortin(pickups and coli splitting) but what i need more is an amp and some effects
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I'm happy with my guitar! (ec-1000 black cherry with mule pick ups :p Who doesn't want more gear? eh?

The only thing I'm not entirely happy with is my amp...or something, cause my tone is really starting to suck now.
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I have a Fender MIM Fat Strat. One day I would like an American Strat, but for now I am DAMN HAPPY!
I currently have the Ibanez RG123, so that's like the lowest price one there, but I don't see why i'd need something with better hardware, etc. And, it doesn't really matter if you can't play yet, every develops their own style.
Nah, my guitar is a cheap ibanez, but its ok. I wanna become a real good guitar player beore i get a real good guitar.
My wish would be to have an Ibanez JEM7V-WH Steve Vai Signature guitar. Its got everything, even a handle.
Oh **** I gotta do vibrato
i got one fender squier,but my problem is,i play many songs with different tunes. i always dreaming to have one of PRs guitar
No, that's why I started playing the srums and teh piano.
it's amazingly rewarding.
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my guitar is ok but im saving for Wes Borland's Signature guitar
i got a ibanez arc 100 BS
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My guitar right now is pretty decent, I only really want another guitar because right now mine doesn't have a locking trem. Even if I did get a locking, I'd be able to put the other guitar in Drop D or something. (If I got another guitar exactly like mine, I wouldn't be complaining, much...)