I like to record myself playing and then put it on YouTube or something to get some constructive crit. Now I have a little problem, I record my videos with a digital photo camera now but it can only record a video for 2 minutes... So I was thinking of getting a webcam since a camcorder is a bit too expensive.

So what webcam has got great screen quality and ofcourse also has got the option to record sound and video togethger in the software program (I already got a mic.)? Oh yeah it has got to work with Windows XP and I live in the Netherlands so maybe we have some different webcams here than in the USA..

Thanks in advance!
.. Allright Allright I searched around on google and stuff and I think this one would be pretty nice:
Logitech, Quickcam Communicate Stx

Anyone got some experience with that one?
try to get a creative webcam for like 49+ euro. they are the best
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any creative or logitech priced a little higher than medium value will provide you with enough to film yourself with enough quality to be able to see yourself well.

Obvioulsy you will have to play round with the settings to get it looking better and also keep in mind that youtube will compress the quality.



those are just two examples that would prob work well enough.

research a little more and read up about the different types of webcam. it will all help in the long run -[