hi there, me and my friends will be covering hotel california sometime soon when we've learnt all we need to know, we know the whole song pretty much apart from the little guitar fills in between the vocal lines of the chorus (and verses? cant remember at this point) id like to know these parts we can put it all together and play it. what id like to know is, is there anyone or anywhere i can get these parts from in tab form?

hi, I know where you can get a great audio tab for Hotel California. From Lick Library.
I've always ordered their stuff and it's fantastic. The guy tells you the tab on tape and also plays it in parts , and you write it down and learn at your own speed. I was actually gonna start learning Hotel this weekend but decided on some Guns n Roses instead. Anyway, heres a link if you got 15 bucks for it:

Lick Library

It's the one that says "Vintage Rock". It will also teach you a few other cool songs besides Hotel California.