i finally took out my electric guitar today and was able to tune its remaining 4 strings and play a few chords, i can play chords fine whilst sitting down but when im standing i need the guitar right over my chest near my neck, i cant play anything. my hands arent that small, how do the little kids do it? (keep in mind, that this is the first time ive played a chord)
Practice, when i first started playing standing up i couldnt play anything either but like everything.....the more you practice, the better you get and the easier it becomes.
yer its all practice i was the same. try to practice some scales i found it helped, and you might have your guitar strap set to low mabye?
Yeah, if you keep practising, it should become easier. Also practise sitting down with the guitar on the same side knee as your fretting hand.(Like if you fret with your left hand, rest the guitar on your left knee.)This puts the guitar at an angle similar to what you would have if you played standing up. Hope it helps...
Oh **** I gotta do vibrato