So like, I got dreads done to my hair 2 weeks ago and i havent washed it so i was wondering how do you wash it?
Can you use any shampoo or soap and how do you maintain it because im getting alot of loose straggly hairs sticking out
just cut them off...be with your normal hair....really easy to care for

yeah no i dont think i;ll be doing that, they were expensive

I hope they were worth it btw.

well theyw ill be but i dunno how to take care of them, any help anyone?
My mate had dreads at one point, got his girlfriend to do them, I think you can wash them but you need some special shampoo or something
You need non residue shampoo.

And don't stick wax on them. It all seeps to the inside and builds up there. If you put wax in and cut one dread in half a month later it will be full of disgusting wax crap.
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