how much did that vibe cost you? that sounds pretyt close to hendrix, groovy man
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Good tone, good playing. But it just seems to be lacking feeling...and it seems that I have to say that almost every time I critique one of your songs. It just sounds like it's a routine for you to play these things, that you're thinking about something else as you're playing.

But overall, it was good. Solid playing and everything, just really work on giving your playing a little more of a natural feel if that makes any sense.
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Thanks for the comments guys. I think as I become more confident in my playing, a natural feel will develop. Right now I'm not too confident in my picking and speed.

Also I got the Deja Vibe on eBay. I got it for $238.
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i listened to the wind cried mary and yeah it's not bad, just work on the flow. it gets broken up whenever you change hand positions or chords, you're not transitioning smoothly. it's a common thing for guys who haven't been playing long, keep practicing and it'll go away as you develop the "muscle memory" in your hands. pretty soon it'll become second nature.