Have any of you ever gone to select a tone/preset from the Gearbox menu when using Toneport UX1 or UX2 and its given you the error message:

"DSP failed to load model correctly. You may not hear the selected model. Reason (Code 80007042) Device is not supported. Ive been pissing around with it for ages noe and cant get it to work at all. Ive tried updating it to v3.2 and updating the drivers but stil no joy.

Would really appreciate a solution
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Quote by pickup
Reason (Code 80007042) Device is not supported.

it says teh device is not supported, i guess the computer doesnt support it...?
Do you, you, feel like I do?
what doesnt support it though?

Its a brand new high computer-should be fine and was working ok unitl I reinstalled it....