hey guys, i bought an Ibanez S470 the other day and even though it held tuning fine in the store and when i got it home, its starting to lose tuning. i think its a 98 model and it has the Lo-TRS trem. the trem is fine, its level with the body, so i think its the saddles. its mainly the G, B, and high E string and some times the D string that go out of tune. but i did have new strings put on it by my tech the other day, so could it be that the strings just havent stretched out yet? or is something wrong with the saddles?
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it would be the strings i reckon, leave it for a while, and let them stretch out peroperly before doing anything to the bridge
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hey bro, i think its the fact that the strings are new, i know my S470 did the same thing when i got new strings put on it, and its a '97 model with the Lo-TRS trem too, just either give them some time or just do the good old fashion pull trick to stretch them out, just make sure to losen the neck nut bolts first.

off topic, what color is your? mines like a dark forest green