my cry baby bass breaks up alot at high volumes on my fender bassman 150 and i was just wondering if it's the amp or the pedal. by the way i have riven this amp to the end it seems it's always clipping and sometimes i think i'm gonna blow the speaker, but i just need this untill i can buy my G-K stack.

so the question is is it the pedal and therfore i'll take it in or is it the amp and therefore i'll deal with it untill i get a bigger/better amp
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It's the amp. Pretty much all amps distort and clip when you have the volume to the max.
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Turn the amp down a bit and experiment with putting against the wall or in a corner. You'll find it makes it a lot louder depending on position and it'll sound better.
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i just need this until i can buy my G-K stack.

G-K ftw!
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