Hi all

would really appreciate some help please. I keep getting an error message when I use my Toneport UX1/Gearbox thing.

It wont let me select another preset and gives me the error message:

DSP failed to load model correctly. You may not hear the selected model.
Reason: (Code 80007042) Device not supported.

I assumed this referred to drivers despite having recently downloaded the most recent version. I downloaded and installed the new drives and it hasnt made a difference. Any ideas anybody?

Really weird thing is that when I use Line 6 Monkey to check for updates it still insists my divers are out of date...so I download the new ones and install em...and so the circle continues.

Anybody else ever had that problem?
sounds like it's not installing the drivers correctly, or Monkey would see it. Try uninstalling everything before you install the new drivers. Unplug the device, install the new drivers, then plug it in and let it autodetect. Also try shutting off any virus software that's running while you are installing.
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