ok so i got an NS-2 ages ago, but i;m still confused as to what it actually does!

it seems as though the thing kicks in when i stop playing and gets rid of any fuzz, which is all very well but does it do anything while you are playing? if so what am i doing wrong or am i just not noticing it?

cheers guys.
noise supresor...
when your not playing or anything nad have a high gain guitar and distortion effect it can create feedback and squealing,
if you set the dB on the tihng to cut anyithng below the volume your playing at, itll cut out and so when youve stopped or paused it wont cause any nasty noises.
thats all it does
Yah...and it costs way too much =/ at least where i live...it costs more than other pedals which really does alot, for example distortion pedals and such.