hey guys hope u all doing good..
i need ur opinion, should i cont to self lear to play guitar or learn frm an instructor..
wat is the average rate of a teacher?

Learn songs by yourself and learn how to do techniques and music theory from a teacher. Thats my tip.
teach yourself dude. if you take lessons, itll take you so much longer to learn shit and you dont have some dude telling you "Man....Hendrix!!!" Everytime you show up. I leanred mostly myself but I took lessons later on for a few months from my friend to learn about scales and shit. Just teach yourself, trust me.
I've been self-learning for about a year now, and can see I've obviously progressed in my playing. But I'd still prefer to be taught aswell. Just depends on whether you can afford it really. I know that school/college teachers are much cheaper though if you have that option.
umm really its up to you, if you take lessons he/she is just going to teach you scales and like finger practice kinda things but usually lessons are like 10-20 dollars a lesson
Hi there --- I did the self learning thing until I got to a point to where I had more questions than I could find answers for then I started taking lessons and this day and age I am doing both - I am still learning rock and blues techniques, theory and scales/modes from my lessons but I also started studying jazz guitar on my own and when I have questions about certain techniques then I go to my guitar teacher. So I would say there is nothing wrong with doing both. as far as rates I am paying $10 USD for my own but I hear of others paying a lot more $15 - 18 per half hour. hope that helps you out
i've never had a guitar lesson in my life, but i know my theory and am progressing well.

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umm really its up to you, if you take lessons he/she is just going to teach you scales and like finger practice kinda things but usually lessons are like 10-20 dollars a lesson

My teacher didn't. He showed me a variety of things (scales, and technique examples), although the teacher I had before that just taught me scales, and chords. You should look around for teachers, and ask for recommendations from other guitarists.

I would say if you are really serious, get a teacher. If you have the wrong technique and have been playing for too long it's really hard to break out of the bad technique, that doesn't mean you have to get a teacher though. There's also the fact that you have to pay them.
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hey guys hope u all doing good..
i need ur opinion, should i cont to self lear to play guitar or learn frm an instructor..
wat is the average rate of a teacher?


one of my frinds has been goint to guitar lessons for 8 years and is terrible, another one of my friends has been playing for 6 months, is self taught and is actally pretty good

theres your answer
Get a teacher, but a good one. It'll help you a lot, if you've got a slightly bad technique he can correct you and show you the best way to do it. You'll also learn a lot of theory which is very important.
I don't know about teachers... My band's rhythm guiatrist has been playing a year, and has had lessons for eight months, and sucks... His teacher never pointed out to him to alternate pick, and he showed him songs and chords that are pretty much easy (7th chords mainly). He never really gave him a challenge.

I'm self-taught, and since I'm on my own, I have the ability to do what i want, and I'm not being told "You must practice this". Plus, learning on your own is fun - you set challenges hgiher than you can reach, and you eventually get there. When I first started string skipping after I'd been playing half a year, I tried the ScOM intro, and I thought it was impossible - No w I can blaze through it when I'm half asleep (Not kidding - i almost fell asleep with my guitar a while back, and I still was playing it perfect).
Nowadays, with the advent of the internet, being self-taught isn't that impressive. Still, a teacher would not be a bad idea because you know that they know what they are talking about.
Here is my opinion if you are playing bass you could probably get away with being self taught pretty easly. The techniques are not as involved and are easier to get down than guitar. HOWEVER as I am just learning guitar now too, I think that for guitar it would be a good idea to learn from a teacher the techniques that you will need the very basics. That will allow you to make sure you got down the techniques properly and are doing them correctly, than you can drop your teacher like a bad habit and continue on your own way.

You can surly do this with out a teacher but remember there is only one way to practice, slowly and correctly. There is no short cut, but I would recommend a teacher for the very basic stuff so you are sure you are practicing things right and not making bad habits. I will probably take guitar lessons to ensure I am doing chords and have all my techniques down properly once I can afford it, but I don't think I will take them after that. I think you learn things much better when you have to figure things out your self not to mention it stays with you longer and you have a deeper understanding.
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Heres how I look at this. You can learn about anything by reading researching and practicing. And if your desire is to learn as fast and as much as possible you should use all the available resources you have. But if being a professional at anything were that easy, then there would be no schools at all. The key is to ensure your not dumping your hard earned cash into some guys pocket who bought his knowledge out of the local Barnes and Nobles. Or has a illustrious career in Jamming in the local neighborhood garage. Get someone who is musically trained, and can provide you with proff of his knowledge. To truly learn the guitar means much more then learning the latest Metallica riff (Not bashing Metallica, I love Kirks playing). Dont just learn songs..... learn music, learn the guitar, learn the skills required to be able to play yuor music thats in your head and give that gift to others.....just my two cents. I vote yes. If you can afford it, get a teacher. A good teacher will be able to analyse your playing, help you get rid of bad habits, assist your through tough spots, increase your learning curve, provide you with additional insight, and shorten the gap between you and the knowledge you seek. Above all though, just play, experience is always the best teacher.
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It depends on the individual's style of learning. Some people are very good at learning to do things themselves, and others less so. Some people need to know that they have a lesson the next day, or they won't practice.

I'm self-taught - I've only been playing for seven months, but that considered - I know I'm not bad. My friends has had lessons for over a year, and our skill level is very comparable.

Look at it this way, though. You've taken the initiative to come to a guitar message board. This already puts you ahead of most players. You could probably teach yourself to play. :p
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thnx guys..i think i will ask my friends who are taking lesson about their teacher and decide frm there..thnx again
Whether or not lessons can help depend a lot on if you get a good teacher, so do ask your friends about their teachers. I taught myself for about 6 months and got pretty damn far on my own, but when I found myself not improving anymore and wanting to know theory, I starting taking lessons from my friend's teacher who is really good. He was amazed at how good my technique was but laughed at how little I actually knew about what I was doing- I could name only two chords at the time. Luckily we both have similar musical taste and he understands what I want to learn and I understand what he teaches me. I pay for my own lessons though which is really expensive, $27 per lesson once a week.
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i need ur opinion, should i cont to self lear to play guitar or learn frm an instructor..

You can only learn so much by yourself, learning as in: acquiring and digesting edited, compiled knowledge readily available for you to read.

Without such material, you aren't really learning but researching, and the payback of research is just a fraction of learning, unless you are a genius.

After learning by myself a big bunch of chords and a few scales from educational material in only 2 years, I spent 5 years noodling and playing out with other beginner musicians with only that knowledge, building a musical hearing and developing playing ease by learning to play a lot of simple tunes. In other words, after these 5 years I have developed "a playing" and felt quite comfortable with it, but there was, as 5 years earlier, this same amount and same kind of stuff (a lot) played by other guitarists out there of which I hadn't a clue about.

Then I met a few kids who just finished a 3 year guitar and music cursus without any previous knowledge of music or even playing guitar. The cursus included 2 hours/week lessons, a 2 hour/week supervised "band workshop", and roughly 8 hours/week homework and practice.

However comfortable I felt playing, these kids ran circles around me, showing how limited was my musical vocabulary, playing stuff I thought would take me 10 years of practice just to understand.

Needless to say, the next week I took a teacher for 2 1-hour lessons a week, just for a year, to kick me back on the learning track, if only to get a complete breakdown map of music theory and where to start.

I would suggest anybody to take music theory and instrument lessons, even for just a few months, only to have all the essentials of music theory demonstrated to them and explained where and how these essentials are used. At least you'll have an idea of what you're missing, whether you learn by yourself or with a teacher.
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it depends on how dedicated you are.
i know tons of ppl who have taken lessons and not really practiced or "learned" the stuff they were taught. maybe its their fault for not trying enough or the teachers for not pushing them.
Ive personally been playing for almost a year and ive always had lessons. I know some kdis who are self taught and been playing for 3+ years and im better than them.
But on the other hand one of my friends has been playing for about 4or 5 years and he is selftaught. hes easily the best player in our school and he really learns himself. he buys books and reads articles on music theory and the like.
Its all a matter of how motivated you are. If you are easily motivated go with lessons. they will make you learn much faster. if you arent easily motivated but can get a great teacher go for lessons. However if you arent motivated and cant get a good teacher than learn yourself and not waste your money
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i've never had a teacher, but my uncle who's like a jazz guru says he'll give me some theory lessons when he finished building his new house. If you find a teacher that you can afford, definetly do it.
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Depends on how much effort you put in.
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I'm completely self-taught. been playing for about 3 years.

the reason why I don't take lessons is because I really don't have the time. also (and I don't mean to come off as cocky... hear me out)... I think I'm good enough.

I'm not even close to being the greatest guitarist and/or musician I know, but I really don't aspire to be. I'm only playing guitar for myself and I'm good enough to write songs I enjoy, so I'm happy with that. I'm CONSTANTLY trying to improve and learn things on my own, but I don't plan on taking lessons anytime soon because I don't feel like I need to. It's just a hobby for me. my goal as a guitarist is not to be a virtuoso. I just want to have fun with it... and that's exactly what I'm doing right now.

plus I have other things going on that are robbing me of my time and money.....
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okay, to EVERYONE who's been saying that there better than your friends who take lessons, and your self taught. they have bad teachers.

i go to an excellent teacher, who is moving to Toronto after my final lesson next week. he got a job as being the guitar player in the pit band for the 'We Will Rock You' musical.

a good teacher will never tell you the answer
a good teacher will teach you about good musicians
a good teacher will show you theory behind the music you are learning
a good teacher is usually not some 16 year old kid who plays too much metallica

final thought: get a GOOD teacher
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Quote by Saitoh
Learn songs by yourself and learn how to do techniques and music theory from a teacher. Thats my tip.


If you have the money for a teacher than get one, you learn faster.
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If you can find a good instructor that you like being taught by then an instructor won't hinder your learning at all.

The only downside to not having an instructor is you won't be able to join the elite club of those who have never taken a lesson and can say that with some sort of pride. Just because you have a teacher doesn't mean that you can't continue to learn at home.

A teacher would be a help, if you can find a good teacher (not just a good guitarist) to teach you it will help you. But if not, there are lots of guitarists that are self taught.
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teach yourself dude. if you take lessons, itll take you so much longer to learn sh*t .. trust me.

And once again the utter crap that spews from people on here never fails to shock me.

Get a few lessons from a teacher to learn the correct picking and fingering techniques, scale technique and some simple music theory. Then you can go away and practice chordwork and picking once you have been taught the correct techniques. Then if you so wish, at any time, take more lessons to further your theory knowledge.

And the huge advantage of a teacher over internet learning - he can watch you, correct your mistakes, and give you feedback.
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I would definately recommend getting a teacher as they can really help.

However, many people go to teachers for years and are still crap, this is often because they only practice in the lessons or for an hour or two the night before. If you are going to lessons, combine this with self-teaching for an hour or two every night and you will progress beyond imagining.
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personally i say teach yourself.
you can progress at your own rate, its cheaper, and you can give yourself challenges without someone saying "no i thinks that too difficult for you"
Top lel.
Being playing a 1 1/2 years. Totally self taught. But recently started trying to pick up theory as well more advanced tunes. Had so many questions on so many things, which was impossible to find the answers easily. Most of them were really simple when explained( still only had 1 lesson) . He try's to relate all theory to songs you want to learn and none you don't. Can't wait for next lesson.
This a side i'm glad i've gone this far, and have developed my own idea of what and how i like to play. Best of luck
It's all a matter of determination. I've been playing like 3 1/2 years, and I have made really quite slow progress, because I'm both self taught and lazy. I wasted lots of time just messing around because I didn't know where to go next. It wasn't until I consulted a DVD I got some direction, and determination.

Going with lessons, however, you will have a much better idea of how you should be doing and such, much better. The only problem I can see is that the taught guitarists I know tend to be the sort of technique snobs who play with no soul, and always think their way is right. You know the kind.

Basically, it depends on you. Given the choice I'd still go self taught, as I like the individualness, but I would have liked to have lessons as I would have developed much more quickly.