Poll: When do you usually listen to your music?
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Working out
4 4%
12 12%
1 1%
1 1%
3 3%
Internet surfing
51 49%
Hanging out
11 11%
21 20%
Voters: 104.
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Driving, on the bus, whilst doing university work (all the time) or when I have just bought a CD.
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On a car/bus journey. And when i'm looking up new bands or my freind has wanted me check something out.
Computer, bus rides, car rides.

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Quite literally all the time, even when I go to bed. Err I can't think of a time when I don't listen to music actually :P
I listen to music all the time. Working out, sleeping, computer, hanging out, mastrubating.

...Just kidding. :P
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All the time.


Now that you mention it, im definatly addicted
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On the bus to and from college, before I go to sleep at night, whilst I'm reading in my room, and sometimes whilst I'm on the computer if i can be bothered to hook up my mp3 to the speakers (my computers soundcard is screwed up).

I don't listen to it as much as i used to, mainly because I'm playing or making music all the time at college.
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i cant be in a car without my music, i just stop living

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Driving, walking, surfing internet...any time I can really.
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ALL the time...and the bit of time when i'm not listening to it i get all hyped up and can't stop tapping my foot and running songs through my head... ...that even happens after shows.
All day, every day. I usually have one earbud in during class unless I really need to pay attention, and I'll listen to music in the halls, on the bus, at home.
mostly when im driving.

also when im online, but only if no one is trying to watch tv or something like that.
All the time, unless im in school. Sometimes even then but if i get caught i'll most likely get my ipod taken off me.
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seriously you wont find me with out headphones on or a stereo thumpin
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Oh ALL THE TIME!!!! lolololol what can I say?! My world is my MUSIC!! lololz

thats what you all sound like
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Just about all the time. Even when I don't have my computer or my Zen on hand, I'm constantly running a song through my head. Most people say that having a song stuck in one's head is irritating, but I'd go crazy without the ability to do so.
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All the time.


Beleive it or not, even when im sleeping
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