Hi all

I've just finished a cover of The Frays "How To Save A Life" and wanted to know what you think about it.

Link is in Signature

Thanks to everyone who crits! (i'm gonna crit your stuff as well if you leave me a link!)

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The guitar is great, but you sound like you're having a lot of trouble getting on top of some of the notes in the chorus. Also, you tend to breathe in the middle of phrases, big rookie mistake. It's not hard to fix though, at the beginning of every phrase take a very deep breathe into your diaphragm (so your shoulders move as little as possible), and try to sing THROUGH the note, instead of just trying to hit it, because that will always leave you a few cents flat. All in all though, pretty good!
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Hmm. Some parts in the chorus your vocals were a little flat. But, I enjoyed the cover nonetheless. You sort of sound like The Fray singer during the verses. Good stuff mang.
thx for the crits!
i really apreciate your advice cds+stereo=life. i'm gonna try and work on it!
Sweet Guitar chords, nice and clean
Your verse vocals sound great, sounds like you run out of breath when you get the part when you say 'friend'

A bit flat here and there, but all in all its a good cover, nice job deiphobos, my old band used to cover this song, and i completely forgot about it. Great TUNE
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