My first post was a joke referring to Green Day and Goldfinger... >_>

On serious: I don't like the name, mainly because I had to look up ethereal, and then saw that [the] ethereal ticket didn't make much sense.

If you guys have your own songs provide names of em and I'll see if I can think something up from them.
lol. Thanks for the honesty! I really appreciate. We don't really have anysongs yet...lol. We've only existed for two days or so lol. So no songs yet.
Quote by Habit Zero

Lost Shingles
Emo as Hell
Because the name is Emo as Hell.

EDIT: It's like how in a storm shingles blow off the roof and you never see em again.

That's my idea for the Band Name Creation thread... I dunno... maybe you like?

Your best bet is too skim through the dictionary/your minds with your fellow bandmates and find stuff you like and that actually makes sense.