ok, in 2 weeks its my birth day, and I have alot of family and money to spend. about $200-$250. any suggestions to add 2 my gear, (see sig)?

i thoght of a couple things. . .





(^^p.s what is the diffrence between the channels)
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if iwere in your position,i'd get that gibson LP fixed as much as possible. but that's just me.
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you seem to like digitech stuff, but i'd prefer the sd-1 out of those 2 pedals
I agree with sixstringsteve. you should definitly get your gibson fixed.
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You might wanna upgrade that amp, too. Maybe a speaker replacement to go with that upcoming re-tubing. Probably do more for your tone than any pedal could.
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That'd be a better idea than buying a wireless. Some people like wireless, I don't. I think it's a waste of money, just buy a few quality cables instead.