Hey guys,

After searching the internet ive found some sites to buy gear. Their prices r extremly low. However i was wondering the reliabiltiy of these sittes

Heres the list of them. Can u guys tell me if their reliable and if YOU have bought from them

Dolphin music


Guitarampkeyboard (GAK)

Aslo i was wondering how much delivery costs on

a) Some kind of FX Pedal like vox v848 or something.

b) An amp ( say for instance a head and cab)

I'm would be a little iffy about buying an amp off of the internet cos i dont want it to come broken or messed up. However buying a pedal off their would be okay

ive bought 2 amps off the internet and they came just fine. although, i wouldnt trust a site that isnt that big. i bought from guitarcenter.com and music123.com.
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I used GAK to buy a multi-track about a year ago and it seemed reliable enough. Delivery was fine. I would use it to buy an amp. I think any of those sites metioned above should be reliable. Make sure you read the returns policies, some don't give refunds for things like software and i suppose it can get a bit messy with postage costs if you want to return something.

Delivery for most amps from GAK is about £10.
10 pounds for amp delivery? I just thought dolphin music looked good cos u can but the ashdown FA 60 head and cab for like 450 pounds
All reliable, i've only actually bought from GAK and imuso though.
Check out thomann.de they tend to be cheaper for smaller things like FX, cables etc.

I think gak has a £10 base delivery charge as does imuso, however imuso charges extra if the product is above a certain weight. Gak sometimes provides cheaper delivery on certain products.