I found this pic on www.frets.com

This is how the guitar was brought into a guitar shop for re-stringing.

So, whenever your having one of those "n00bie" days, just smile, think of this pic, and you will feel a WHOLE lot better

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pft, the guy didnt even do a symetrical job
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hahaha man i saw that picture on frets myself a while back. hilarious!
wow... he didn't wind a single string correctly. That's pretty funny
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LOOOOOOOLL... gotta save the pic to teh comp
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I wonder why he did that?
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this guy does not deserve a martin. he probably got his baby sister to string it for him or hes just a moron.
Has he connected one string to two of the pegs, then back again? It looks like he has, the two middle pegs. Damn, if he has...
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