Ok, I'm looking for some good music recommendations. I'm looking for a certain style though... much more relaxed, ambient, quiet chilled out, poetic, acoustic, synthy blah blah blah. That sorta thing. Looking for stuff like Death Cab For Cutie, The Postal Service, Boards Of Canada etc.

Anyone got any suggestions?
I believe some Necrophagist may be in order.
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I believe some Necrophagist may be in order.




Fuck off.

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I believe some Necrophagist may be in order.

dam you beat me too it

i wud have suggests postal service but try

the flaming lips
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You should check out Buckethead's Colma and Electric Tears albums. Uhh, Aphex Twin, Air, Zero 7 and Bright Eyes as well. All sound like what you're looking for.

Cheers Forbz, I'm already a massive Buckethead, Aphex and Zero 7 fan Not too big on Bright Eyes, saw them live and they bored the shit out of me.

But I'll check out some Air, I remember hearing some of their stuff a while back and liking it!
Interpol are my favourite band for relaxing, especially songs like Untitled off the first album, "Turn on the Bright Lights." I also rate their second and most recent album "Antics" highly as well. Check them out.
check out the genre forums as they all have recomendation threads at the top on sticky.


^ What he said

Modest Mouse
The Faint
The Strokes
Self-Improvement is Masturbation
I've already got 90% of these suggestions.
Checking out any I've not heard of

Cheers guys!
Try some Brand New, especially I will play my game beneath the spin light and play crack the sky. Maybe some Dashboard Confessional too?