My friend told me about how he was looking at pr0n and his mom walked in. So he goes to close it but the computer freezes at that exact moment so he got caught lol.
Ever happened to you guys?
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Thank God that's never happenned to me. What happened to your friend?
ya i just turned the monitor off rly fast then unplug the comp and if they ask why i say it froze... lol
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Yes, it did happen to me. Maybe I should've considered using a better computer, rather than my 9 year old Gateway that cant close a window.
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My cousin was on MSN on my computer and he was talking to his friend about some chick. Right after he said "Did you fuck her?" the computer froze and my uncle walked in. Lucky for him it was one of our cool uncles .
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its for these instances that god created locks on doors
I look forward to killing you...

i was on ug, and someone had sigged an obscene statment, and it was in large writing, and it was arcoss the screen, and it was pretty funny b/c my mom say it, and she is 200% christian, so ya