I've been playing guitar for around 3 years, and I mostly play metal, however I have gotten into jazz recently. I would like to buy hollow body or semi-hollow body preferably under $500, but still a good guitar for jazz. Any suggestions?

I've been thinking about this guitar: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Ibanez-AS83-SemiHollow-Electric-Guitar?sku=519764
is this a good guitar?
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I've never thought of Ibanez as a good guitar for jazz, but I'd say get a Gibson ES-355
Artcore is really about the best you can get for jazz without blowing your budget (above that they tend to get into the 3k range very quickly)
Washburn. Any of their hollowbodys are great for jazz, but I would recommend one with a neck mini-hb p/up. I have an HB-15 and it is great.
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