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i was just thinking i could just duct tape it... Im more concerned about the sound. and i dont plan on really fixing it

How much did it cost? I'd say replace the tuners and/or the strings. Stiff tuners are a bitch.

Try the duct tape, if it sounds shite, chuck it.

Or give it to me to smash.
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Duct tape?

Sounds like if you're even considering that, it's one that should just be pitched...
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um like 4.99 or something. I really dont know muich about acoustic guitars (hence why im asking this question.)

If your guitar cost anywhere in the neighborhood of a roll of Duct Tape, it's worth about the same. Tape away.
Hahahahaha!!! Sometimes cracks don't even affect the sound of the guitar. It depends where the crack is,how big it is, etc.
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Sounds like you might have a guitar that is worth a lot more than you think. The crack should be fixed and depending on where it is cracked a good luthier might be able to do it for quite cheap. If you show us a couple pictures of the guitar I could tell you if you should try and fix it yourself or leave it to a pro. Often times cracks don't hurt the tone and they can be left for years with no problems but sometimes if you don't fix a crack it will keep growing.
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