Hey, I am new to the guitar.

I have only been playing for three weeks, but for playing that short amount of time I am do pretty good, I really dont know how to explain where I'm at.

So I was wondering the tips you can give to a beginner . Things I should start learning, how to progress into a good guitar player, basic exercises are cool, chords and such....

you might want to pick up an instructional book somewhere and start working out of that.... i always get a lot out of those.
You should probably try to work on getting your fingers moving pretty well. Get an instructional book. I would suggest picking up any old book. But after you're pretty comfortable with that book, I'd Suggest getting the Berklee Modern Method for Guitar, by William Levitte(sp?)

What you should work on:

Power chords
Open Chords
Pentatonic scales

Easy songs: Anything by Green Day, or Nirvana. Also Learn Iron Man by Black Sabbath, don't worry about the solo though, just learn the main riffs.
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read lots of books on theory when there is nothing to do in class thats how i got proficient with my knowledge
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