Please leave feedback for the song Sonic, crit 4 crit yo!

I am looking to join a band later this year with some friends so I cut this with my brother-in-law on drums. We didnot have enough time to go through the whole arangments so we just jammed on the main riff.

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Sonic has a good feel, with appropriately drenching distortion. The drums fit perfectly, although occasionally get a little sloppy (if never off). It's not really a song though.

Similar for Missused irony. Cool tone and feel, but lacking alot. It just needs to have more variety to be an instrumental or vocals or something else.

Still, cool influences. I'll look out for more.
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damn yertle, you got some groove
I really like the distortion and the timing, really good sounding, most of the time I listen to a song halfway and just close it but this kept me listening to the end.. so that means something good job!
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Good stuff. Crunchy jam sessions for all to hear. If one of you gets off beat, who gives a damn? Record it, and throw it on this forum for fun. I'd like to hear more, too.
thanks for your reply to my song

sonic is cool allthuogh i dont like this kind of music but it was pretty cool. reminds me on the early metallica (or am I wrong?) I like the time when the drumbeat is getting slower
Summary: Cool Song. Keep it up.

your drummer is good. could I borrow him from you?

would you like to add me to your friends on myspace cause i got none.
Yeah. It gets off time a little, but this is kind of cool. The guitar could be a little less distorted, but maybe that's the tone you're going for. I would boost the treble a little bit, too, because the guitar sounds a little bassy. Misused Irony is really heavy, which is cool. The guitar tone reminds me of cliff burton's bass tone for his solos and stuff, which is really cool. The insane distortion is pretty cool. I like the pick slide noise making part at the end, too. My friend and I always do that at the end of our songs when we play together. We get all this feedback and smash stuff and make noise. It's really fun and you can get some crazy sounds from it, too. Good job. Mind critting mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=522091