ok, so I was messing around the strings of my guitar for some stupid reason and now the low e string came out of place on the bolt of the truss rod. Here's a pic:

If the image is too blurry then I will try and take a better one but I was wondering if I could still reattach it to the bolt or I need a new string.
I was just trying to make sure whether or not it's broken so I need to know if I need to get a new string.
I'm assuming something like that happened because it looks pretty irregularly shaped.
alright, so how would I take out the broken one and attach a new one? (sorry, total newb)
yao.. what's teh big deal buying a new string?!?!.. even if this one is not broken... once you took it off your guitar... the string is useless... i'm telling you this from my expirience... unless oyu own some LP ultra extra super imba strings :P
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um...well my first action would to get a new string and put it on, and if you dont know how then go to retro guitar (or w/e) and have them put it on for $2 or something dont get ripped off and pay $5 i had that happen to me when i first started
wait the truss rod wtf. dude do you mean the pegs the truss rod has nothing to do with the strings