My guitar/amp makes a weird noise...
For example: I'm playing a song with some distortion. I have to stop the strings from vibrating so they won't make any sound. But then comes the problem...
Every time I do that, they stop vibrating, but in my amp you can still hear a sound. Harmonic-like. And it's irritating me.

Does someone knows how to stop this?


Ps: I've got this problem ever since I've changed my strings (Exactly 1 week ago)
Could it be the strings? Or should I try and change something about my amp?
I have the same problem, and jiggling the chord to the amp seems to help, I think I'm gonna try to buy new cables, I'll let you know how it works out.
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that's likely feedback. don't face your amp, turn it down, turn the gain down, possibly look into new pickups
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Possible slightly loose cable, see if moving the cable around helps.
Also could be electrical intererence, I used to get terrible buzz when a florescent light was on anywhere nearby.
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I tried all of these things, but I still have the problem
I'll try it with a guitar of a friend of mine next weekend, and I hope I'll find the problem then.
When you are muting the strings, try using more than one or two fingers to mute the stings.

I'm not sure if I'm understanding what you're saying correctly, or not...(I'm a little out of it.) But, I think what you're saying is when you mute the sound...as in not playing...place your fingers about mid neck and then try using two or three fingers to mute the strings.
Normally, with my playing, at least, if I use one finger it makes a harmonic* noise.

So, yeah...Just try using two or three fingers on mid neck to stop your note. : ]
what kind of guitar have you got?
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xixclintxix: I hope that'll work. It's just like you described... So you understand it well ^^
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Could also be the electricity from that outlet. Is it just sort of a hum kind of thing?
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I get that sound (or what I think you're describing) when my guitar is set up on my pickup closest to the bridge (humbucker on my strat). Any other pickup is fine.

I don't know why it does it, or what it is. Doesn't bother me much, unless it's bad, but I'm not sure. But I don't really notice it unless I'm not playing.

Unless what you're talking about is loud. Then it's probably different.
I have it with the humbucker pick-up, and with the ones closer to the neck. But if I choose the humbucker, it makes less noise then if I choose the ones closest to the bridge.
And the sound... Well, you can describe it best like this, I think...: Imagine your amp is at a high gain, and you accidently hit one of the highest strings quite soft. Cause of the high gain, the strings makes a sound... It's kind of comparible (does this exist?) with that.
You're not playing in front of a monitor or anything obvious like that, are you?
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Oh yeah
Yes, I know that, but I tought he meant an amp-like that that is turned to you, so you can hear yourself.
I am playing close to a monitor. (My pc is in my room where I play)
Does it affect my sound?
If so, I didn't know that.
If you're sat in front of the screen you'll get interference, but it shouldn't affect it if you're more than a couple of feet away.
Actually called Mark!

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People with a duck for their avatar always give good advice.

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^+1 a computer will almost definitely cause some interference. My laptop gives especially loud and wierd noises (I think something to do with the wireless) and sometimes I play right next to it on purpose, the noise sounds pretty awesome sometimes hehe.

I find that a way to reduce feedback is to stand perpendicular to your amp (point the headstock directly at or directly away from it). Don't know if that will work for you, helps for me though.
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have you tried turning your volume down when u stop playing? it can help.

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I had the exact same problems with you.I use to have a fake statocaster,and because it didn't have a humbucker and all the coils were single,there was always this sound when I was turning my gain up.Also change your cables.
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get a long cable put ur amp on the other side of ur room turn it up and wail it out bub