Looking at getting a few more effect pedal and im wondering whether guitar effect pedals work just as well for bass as they seem to be much cheaper?
Also is the brand 'dod' any good? (They seem reasonably cheap)
Also is beringhiner (spelling?) good for effects s I know their amps can be a bit tepremental?
Also what do you suggest I get? (I already have a Boss Overdrive)


Edit: ANyone know where I can get samples of different effects being used?
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ok, this is a good answer but it'll cost ya. instead of buyng multiple effects, buy a boos GT-8. it has everything you could ever possibly wnat. but it's $450
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My only advice is if you get a multi-effect pedal don't spend less than about $200, and Behringer don't make great quality stuff.
Multieffects suck and are a bad idea.

Guitar pedals will "work" just fine. But they'll cut out the bass in your signal and thus your bass won't be as prominent in the mix.
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