Fernando? Never heard of it...

It looks like a Fernandez, though. 6450 PHP is...100 euros. I've seen few guitars that cheap. Maybe stuff is cheap where you are, but I doubt this axe is any good.
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no dude, try not to buy it..

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FYI I own a fernando guitar..

It's quite good. Originally its 13500 but I bought it from a friend of mine at 6000 only and was just 1 month old.

I use it with a KORG ax1500g for practice.
it has built with an authentic floyd rose bridge(nice tremolo).

2 humbucking 1 single. Variety of tones to produce with proper mixture of volume knob and tone knob plus the modeller effect pedals. I think this is a good guitar to start with.=)

Neck is set-in and looks like a one-piece.=)

the guitar itself is comparably THIN compared to LP's and strats.

and this is manufactured in Korea but imported by the Philippines.=)

serial number is located at the back of the neck head.
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Oh no... my old thread has been revived!! oh well...

I think I saw that particular model here, a copy the Ibanez S
It looks... I don't know... >_< and I don't particularly like the thin-ness on it...
I've got my Ibanez RG560 now so there's no need actually.

thanks anyways.

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