Im just starting to look for a new effects pedal, but I dont know where to start?? Im using a Maverick species 1 guitar and a marshall Mg100dfx amp and I play hard rock/metal music.
Does anyone know any good pedals which would go well with my equitment???
Pick up a wah pedal, they're a blast. I suggest a Morley Tremonti power wah,
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The distortion on your current amp is awfull. So IMO, a distortion pedal would be great place to start.
FAB D1 was what I got first of all.
But I also reccomend a sovtek big muff.
MT-2 is great (distortion pedal)...Wah-wah's are great buy though.!
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ok cheers peeps, Iv got a narrower range of pedals to look at now, cheers.
I think i might buy an orange amp as well, cause Iv read some good reviews about them
buy either a new amp or guitar if you plan on playing in front of anyone, otherwise, keep the amp and buy a distortion. And its equipment, not equitment
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