haha I live in houston too. The intro was a bit shakey but you fixed it. I think that's awesome that you played with the actual song makes it sound fuller Guitar was pretty solid. I liked the tone mixed well with the song. Clean transitions. It was silly to watch you stand there and play. Glad to see you stop during the second I lie. Most people don't and it annoys me. hahaha awesome cover. perfect in terms of guitar. I'd like to see some vocals though

My brand nizzle?
Hey thanks dude!
I can't really stand to play songs full like that without having the song turned up so I can play along with it. it's just not as much fun lol.
I used to not do anything at all wile playing, but I'm getting a lot more comfortable with moving around now.
I want to do the vocals, it's just I need a mic. Heck, I really need to get into a band, hopefully soon.

Anyway thanks for the complement