I'm putting a Gibson 57 classic plus in the bridge of my Epiphone G400. I have the old stock pickup out and I am ready to solder in my new one. It has one wire and it goes to the lug on the volume pot I understand but I am supposed to ground the shield? Do I just solder the shield that is around the wire to the back of the volume pot? Do I peel it back and twist it like wire and solder it or just solder it the way it is inline on the way to the end of the wire? Please help so I can get this done.
I've watched that video about five times and I cannot see for sure how he solders the ground wire. I am gonna try twisting the strands of shielding together I guess and solder them to the back of the volume pot for my ground and try that.
it has a braided shielding? then i think that gets soldered to the bottom of the vol. pot.
u want a tip to the wire ur connecting. ur not soldering the protective outer wire cover.

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It has the braided shielding covering the wire that is soldered to the #3 lug on the volume pot. Something has to be grounded to the back of the volume pot. I do not see any other wire. So it must be the braided shielding? I still have not put it in yet until I figure out for sure what the hell I am supposed to do.
The middle in the wire is the hot, and goes to the volume/tone/switching assembly. The outer braid is the other end of the pickup coil, and the pickup casing. Ground it.
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