I've just recently got a Gordon Smith GS2 Deluxe guitar which was around £700 but i only have 15w Marshall MG15CDR guitar amp, which isn't great so im just looking for some suggestions as to a better amp i could get. I have a BOSS OD2 effects pedal and am looking for the rock sound you get from ACDC, Metallica, GnR, etc. but still want to get out some SRV sounds. Any advise on a good amp (around £200) to get would be much appreciated.

PS. It doesnt need to be too loud because if i was to gig i would just use a friends
I just got an Epiphone Valve Standard for $299 and absolutley love it. I replaced a shitty Marshall MG15CD with it.
you can get a Laney VC-15 for £240
ESP LTD EC-1000 w/EMGs
Squire Showmaster tuned to D standard

Laney Hardcore MXD65 (for sale)
Harley Benton 212V

Boss DS-1
Boss NS-2
Boss TU-3
Boss CE-5
Morley bad horsie 2

Next to buy
New amp
Thanks alot for your help, I will take your suggestions into consideration but in the end its all about trying them out in the shop.