Ok, so i got a new crate amp the other week, it's the BT100 combo and I've been playing it at band practice at max volume (my guitarist uses a 220 watt Randall stack) and I'm worried about blowing the speaker. Lately I've been getting little flashes of distortion at randomwhen I play my bass, and usually only on the lower notes. The note will play and then I'll get fuzzy crackling from my amp. I know it's not my pickups or cable because they work fine through my fender 15w practice amp. Is this crackling normal, or have i damaged my amp? And am I in any dangfer of blowing the speaker? I'm considering selling it and getting the ashdown 180w combo, but I don't know if i need to worry. Any suggestions?
Yes - worry. I did this with only a 25watt, and at full volume it completly knackered it. Now, it only rarely plays without an extreme fuzz to it. Completely useless. Just get everyone to turn down until you get your new amp
Whenever I get a new amp i play it at low volumes for a few days, then slowly work it up to higher stuff, to help warm up the amp instead of just starting off loud.

I actually have no clue if it helps, it may not affect anything, but I do it anyways.