Well Guitar Center has managed to screw me again.

I brought my guitar to the local guitar shop because i thought the neck needed some release due to buzzing on the low e string. Anyways, he mentioned to me that the nut, on what I thought was my "new" epi les paul was actually not the original and is a replacement, and it could be the cause of the buzzing.

Anyways, what do you all think, what should I do?
well this could be pure speculation. it may or may not be the original nut. either way, they are cheap and easy to replace/refile. problem being the question of what else is not stock. but there are also a lot of other causes for string buzz. uneven frets, bridge adjustment, truss rod/neck bow are all factors. i assume by now you've had it checked out? if not, now you got osme ammo to work with the next time you see Johnny repairman.
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well the repairman said that the buzzing could be fixed by raising my action though the bridge. However, it sounded like the cause of the problem was the nut. and it not being propped up enough. Now, one could argue that propping it up is another way of increasing the action....
sounds like a lazy repairman. unless the bridge actionw as really that low. you can raise the action all day, but what are you left with? shitty action! so make sure to investigate all the possible causes and if need be, get a second opinion.