is this a good idea?

im gonna write down on a piece of paper everything i want to achieve out of guitar

and im also gonna write why i want these things

for instance

starting a successful band.

that would be one


im writing that because ill quit for a little and not come back to it when i play guitar.

so yeah
is this a good idea?
i might throw a guitarist i idolize in there as well..like a picture i mean
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Play cause its fun, not cause you want to be famous. Then youll be so good you might get there.
Sure. Make a huge A2 poster out of it. Stick it up in your room and whenever youre feeling down about playing just look at it for a while with some of your favorite music playing or something.

Be specific in your goals though, theres no point in writing "To be good at guitar" in big letters and nothing else. Write what you want to acheive, whether it be learning a specific song, of memorizing the modes or playing at x speed.

Go for it. It may actually help
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Maybe you should make a list like that but make it like every six months..

I do that and around christmas I wrote that at the begining of the summer I want to have Little Wing and the Enter Sandman solo nailed.
Ofcourse I also practise alot of other songs meanwhile, but those are my maingoals for now.

Just don't put impossible stuff on your list that you might be only able to play in like 20 years because that will probably make you a bit depressed after a year and you would maybe give up guitar, or something.

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