I have been looking to buy a new guitar lately, i have been to a some guitar shops around where i live, to try out some. the problem is im having trouble finding any shops anywhere around my area that stock Jacksons or ESPs in their shop(so i cant try one out ) << i really want to try a jackson DKMGT Dinky, or LTD MH-400NT or something similar (maybe a similar schecter) as i love the looks of them and they sound like they have all the good features that im looking for.. but ive not tried them out.

Any of you guys buy guitars that you have not played?.. do you think its really important to do so if you know the guitar has the features your looking for?

And also.. do you think those guitars^ are good? for an intermediate kinda player (been playing about 2 and a half years)

Have you checked if there are any shops further away?
If there are, it's worth going and checking them out.
If not it's a bit of a gamble.
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ehh, well ive heard so many good things about schecter and i tried them out and i hated them........so dont buy it unless you tried it......(pretty catchy)
You could ask the shops if they would order one for you to try out. That's what I did with my acoustic. It was kind of a done deal once they put the order in, but I guess I could have backed out. But I didn't, I love it and guess what, they liked it too and now they have them in stock.
In my experience its always best to try them out first. There have been loads of guitars that i thought i'd really like, but when it comes to trying them in the shop they feel totally wrong............i then sigh with relief and congratulate myself for not buying one before trying it out first.

I suppose you can always return it if you buy one and don't like it though.
I have a Jackson DKMGT Dinky, good guitar. The neck is fast and it's easy to play on. It's a great metal guitar but IMO the EMGs are not very versatile. I have the '05 model with the passive EMGs so they are too hot for anything but metal/hard rock/etc.
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I live in the UK.. dont think that they have them here

Sounds like time for an expedition, then.

I dunno... Yell.com guitar shops in your general area?

I would never buy a guitar without at least trying one of the same model - and that's an AT LEAST. I'd much rather buy the floor model than buy any guitar sight unseen.
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Well sometimes the store has a return policy, so if they have one, you could tell them to order it, you buy it, play it for two days, and return it if you're not satisfied. However, not all stores have those policies, so check with them first!
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put it this way, buying a guitar without playing it is like buying a car without driving it.

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...although a guitar is less likely to kill you if bits fall off it.

I've done 50/50 , half of them i've tried, half of them i didn't because it wasn't possible. I wouldn't buy a second-hand guitar without trying it, but with a new one it's less risky. Also you've got the option of sending it back if it's not right, you don't really have that fall back with second-hand stuff.
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I bought my Ibanez without trying it and I hate it. It's such an uncomfortable piece of shit. So my advice is try first.