Has anyone seen this show before? I found it on eBaums world, called the Rainbow Kids show....there are so many double entendres its not even funny (but it is lol) And this is a kids show?? Rainbow Kids!!
'Twas an old show called Rainbow. And this was posted yesterday. I can't believe that this is a real one though.
Awesome! I love old videos on sites that steal shit!
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This is quite old. Saw it a few years ago. But it is amazing. And the producers had all intentions of making it like it is...
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That show is amazing. Too bad no kids got to watch it as it never aired
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That'd be great if the show aired.Great Britain would have all their 5 year olds asking eachother if they could play with their balls.
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oh hell no im not watching this pussy barney rip off shit. rainbow kids can go **** themselves. im with big bird