Hey guys ..probably i'm my friend is buying me the C-1 hellraiser FR. from America-las vegas .so i was wondering wat a set up could include ( buzz removing....or wat) ..and is it done for free??
and hey guys help me to choose between this guitar with FR or not ?
friends tell me i dont need whammy that much and that the FR is hard to tune..so i'm confused ? ANY HELP !!
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are you on crack?

setup includes re-stringing, oiling, adjusting the string height, truss rod, pups height. Wether its free or not depends on where you get it done. If you don't want a whammy bar, don't get the FR. I don't understand why that's hard to understand.
if u dont a whammy bar dont get the floyd rose but if u want to beat the shit out of it get it umm and theres trouble changing from one tuning to another it just takes longer
i was afriad was going to tell .." if u want get it and if not then dont " i know that already ...i thought u would suggest another way....