would your average library have a music theory book? and if so... since my dad is a douche bag, when i ask him to take me (i never read), he will be like so what is music theory and not take me til i explain it to him, so how do i explain what music theory is...?
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What do you mean by average library? Your school library probably won't, unless your school happens to be a college/university.

Music theory is the reasoning, logic, and "rules" of music.
Unless your dad is a total dumbass, tell him that quarter notes, half notes, etc. is basic music theory and he'll probably understand that.

You could also say that it's the behind-the-scenes of music. Most people that play guitar can read music and play what they see, but music theory is the reasoning behind it; why they chose certains notes, chords, etc over other chords and why they make sense
Tell him that music theory is centuries of experimentation and experience written down as to why certain things sound the way they do and what else they can sound like and how.

I think you'll be better off buying some theory books anyway, chances are you'll want to have it as something to look up things in, I know I do all the time.
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Dude... he... dosn't know what music theory is? Wow. Ya, just tell him that it's the basic theory behind song writing.
Sorry to say this, but your dad sounds like a total jackass. Seriously, he would deny you going to a library?

Im sure that a public library would have books on music theory, as there is nearly always a music section. Just look around there for some books that would be useful.
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My local libary does, and It's not actually that big.
And just say it's why music sounds right or something simple like that.
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1. Use the search engine.

2. You school library should have books.

3. Music theory, is the reason why what you play fits together, understanding this could help you guitar playing and your understanding in everyday music

4. http://www.zentao.com/guitar/
I'm sure you could find something in a public library, but I would also recommend just shelling out the cash for a book on music theory. Average cost is maybe 20 dollars, so if you own atleast 2 cd's you can afford a music theory book. You will get much more enjoyment and knowledge out of always having such a book by your side.
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I would guess that a big library would have one. Ask the librarians when you go to the library to help you find one.