I just nailed Purple Haze (whole song) and played it at a little gig (it went well ) and ehh, I really like the song and I love to play it, now I was wondering are there any songs that have the same 'groove' as Purple Haze en isn't that hard to play?
I love the chord proggression in the verses, it really makes me want to dance and then the cool intro lick thingy comes in that stops it from starting to get boring and it's fun to sing allong.

Now is there a such song with the same specs? Maybe by Jimi too? I only know about 10 of his songs so maybe there is one that looks like it.

Thanks in advance!
my favorite jam song from hendrix has to be Come on Baby (Let the Good Times Roll)
One of my personal hendrix favourites is 'all along the watchtower'. It's originally by Dylan but Hendrix' cover really sends chills down my spine everytime I hear it.
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