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Submitted a tab, got rated 5-stars. I got 5 points.
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Big giant zero. I've submitted a few tabs, but they got denied because the reviewers are mentally handicapped.
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40 baby!
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we're not nerds thank you very much i have a very respectable 40k imperial guard army.
0. I don't submit tabs. When I figure out a song, I keep it secret. I'm greedy like that.
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Probably zero, damn I gotta submit some tabs and send some hookerbaskets
zer0, ftw!
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5 at the moment.
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it sucks, all the tabs i post are of not well-known songs

i've done a tab for a foo fighters cover of drive me wild
i've done cracker's get off this
i've done screaming trees' julie paradise
and my most well-known one is a unemployable by pearl jam. and i doubt it if there were more then 5 people in this thread who knew that one.
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0 because i haven't tried to submit anything, because all the songs i listen to are tabbed already/im too lazy to tab the unknown stuff i listen to.

gosh im a hard worker.
a godly 6. if i could be bothered submitting my perfect muse bass tabs i'd be up in the 50s, but i'm a lazy ****.
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