Im interested in buying the Dunlop Dual Design strap lock system and I was wondering if I could use the original strap button on my guitar to just clip the Dunlop lock into it.
I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom. I read threads about having to drill here and there and toothpicks and wood glue and whatnot. Can I avoid all these headaches or will I have to buy them first before I know? myabe take it down to a music store to see if someone knows?
i like the idea but...

how are you gonna get half the "dual design" without buying the entire set? I think you should just buy a new set.
All you have to do is take out the old screw and button, and replace the ones that come with the strap locks. You dont need to drill anything...
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cant i just use the button thats on the strap to clip to my guitar. I guess if i bought that i would have one part left over which i wouldnt use because im buying two parts right? (the new button and clipper) I just want the clip thing to fit into the guitar nicely if I can.
I read on here that sometimes the new screw wont fit into the guitar slot and you have to be filing and doing some other mods to get the new screw to fit.